The Business Technology Standard is an industry best practice and an open source management framework to plan, build and run information technology. It was developed in cooperation with more than 50 leading Nordic companies and public sector organisations and has been in wide use since 2009.

We are actively inviting and engaging companies and organisations to participate in further development of BT Standard. In case your organisation is interested in joining the general development community, please contact




Technology is a core capability when universities are competing for the best students and researchers globally. BT Forum’s University Community focuses on helping higher education and academic world operators to use technology in a smarter way with best-fit practices and operating models adapted for their needs.


Current partner: King’s College London

“The Business Technology Standard provides a customer-focused approach for all aspects of the IT lifecycle, supporting the student, research, and staff experience. It frees us to focus on delivering value. It is open source, yet comprehensive and end-to-end. We have found a community of like-minded people to collaborate with,” says John Butterworth, Head of CIO Office at King’s College London. Read more about the partnership here.

Current partner: Aalto University

“By constantly improving and furthering digitalisation, we aim to empower and support everyone in the Aalto community. The Business Technology Standard has brought structure, clarity and easiness in delivering this. I see this partnership community as an opportunity to share, support and learn from our peers in achieving successful, digital transformation together across the wider community”, says Sari Vehtari, Head of CDO Office at Aalto University. Read more about the partnership here.


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Sofigate turns digital innovations into well managed business technology. We will renew your business faster than anyone else by combining world class technologies with Business Technology Standard’s best management practices and experts. We take a holistic approach to business technology transformation – including also the people side of change. Read more about Sofigate here.


Xonetic provide support, advice, consultancy and training to ensure your business makes the best use of digital technology.  We are at the forefront of digital ways of working and are passionate about what we do. Our proven track record of helping organisations access the maximum benefit from technology is at your disposal. Our approach generates Digital Energy for your business by combining digital technology and the Business Technology Standard. We are the sole UK&I implementation partner to the Business Technology Forum. Read more about Xonetic here.